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As the saying goes: A good stage needs to be matched with good lighting, and the importance of a light is very strong. Unprofessional stage lighting will let you enter the thriller in minutes. However, our mango lighting shows you how to match a good stage lighting. The function of the stage lighting: Function: 1 Make the stage picture clearer: enable the audience to see what or some corners of the stage are not seen by the audience (now). 2 Strengthen the effect of the stage performance: in line with the needs of the plot, make the background appear natural, play a role in setting off, suggesting and inducing the development of the plot, and adjust the atmosphere (actor, audience). Principles of use of stage lighting: 1 intensity (refers to the brightness of the light): There must be enough light to enable the viewer to see the color, appearance and details. 2 Assignment: Including the distribution of the use of the light and the direction of the direction of the shot, the subject must be distinguished from the supporting angle and the background with a distinct (color) brightness. 3 colors: rely on color paper, computer coloring, etc. to meet the needs of the plot. 4 changes: according to the needs of the plot, the color, brightness, and movement of the light changes. In the specific use of stage lighting, before reducing a certain light source, it should be prepared to enhance the next light source, in addition to the special needs of the plot. Avoid black noise, so as not to affect the work of the cast members.

    Role: the role of stage lighting in modern stage performance: 1 lighting performance, so that the audience can see the actors and scenes; 2 guide the audience's line of sight; 3 shape the characters, highlight the emotions and show the stage illusion; 4 create the drama needed Space environment; 5 rendering the atmosphere in the drama; 6 display time and space conversion, highlighting the contradictions and conflicts of the drama and strengthening the stage rhythm, enriching the artistic appeal. Sometimes it also works with stage stunts. Just like our Mango Lighting "Chongqing Satellite Emei Legend" project.

The artistic effect of the stage lighting is reflected by the progress of the performance and the constant change of the stage atmosphere. However, there are more lamps in this project. When the lights are on, the whole scene is also in the story with the stage rhythm. This is the charm of the stage lighting to drive the audience! The actors are all in the realm of ecstasy, and the audience slowly forgets the environment at this moment with this movement and enjoys it!


For some common faults, the analysis is as follows:

No response at boot

1. Is the power supply normal, and the power cord of the lamp is off?

2. Whether the fuse of the lamp has burned out;

3. Whether the switching power supply of the lamp has an output voltage.

Boot does not light bulb

1. First judge whether the bulb is good or bad, check if the bulb's bubble contact is blown, and if the bulb itself is broken.

2. Determine whether the lamp output voltage of the main board is normal when the lamp is in the state of bubble, and the normal condition is generally 10 to 12 volts.

3. If the above two points are correct, measure whether the PFC output (the input end of the lighter) has an AC voltage output of about 380V. If there is an output, it indicates that the PFC is good, so that it can directly determine whether there is a problem with the lighter.

After the power is turned on for a period of time, the lamp is automatically reset.

1. The output voltage of the switching power supply is unstable;

2. The cable is loose in the line or the pressure line is not pressed, resulting in poor contact, resulting in automatic reset.

The bulb is automatically defoamed

1. The bulb is defoamed, and the bulb is automatically brightened after a period of time. Check whether the heat dissipation system works normally. If the heat dissipation system fails, the temperature inside the lamp body will be too high, and the temperature control switch will automatically jump off, thus ensuring the safe use of the lamp. When the electronic lighting is turned off, the luminaire will automatically light up when the temperature of the lamp body is lowered.

2. After the bulb is defoamed, it cannot be automatically brightened: the problem of the bulb itself, the surface of the bulb sphere is whitened, the interior is black, and the phenomenon of defoaming occurs after a period of time (the end of the bulb life).

3. If the lamp has no control signal for a long time, it will also automatically protect against the gun. After the signal is turned on, it will automatically light up.

Pattern plate, color plate, prism, focusing appear stuck, jitter, out of step

1, the card is generally a mechanical cause, this time there will be a phenomenon of color chip stuck: such as the pattern plate, the color plate deformation, the loosening of the fixing parts, the loosening of the fixed pattern, etc., will cause the card to die. appear.

2. Jitter and out of step: The screw loosens or falls off. The chip on the main board of the main board burns out, the motor line is in poor contact, the skin is short-circuited to the ground, and the motor itself is in trouble.

Horizontal and vertical (X/Y axis) out of step, no positioning

1. Excessive dust on the diaphragm causes the infrared light to be out of control;

2. If the diaphragm is damaged, the distance between the diaphragm and the diaphragm is not properly adjusted. (When it is excluded, the diaphragm should be in the middle of the diaphragm, and there is no scratch, bump or smash.)