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Review | Company organized Huizhou two-day tour


First of all, I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival! According to historical records, Shunyang is on the top, and May is midsummer. Its first noon is the day when the weather is good for Shunyang, so the fifth day of May is also called the “Dangyang Festival”.

On the 13th and 14th, I went on a trip with my lovely colleagues. Here, I am especially grateful to the company for giving us this opportunity to interact and promote further communication between colleagues! Let us review the journey together!

Our first stop: Liwan from the company to 12:30 in Tsuen Wan, it will arrive in three and a half hours! So I started a wave of selfies!

After dinner, we rushed to the "Tianhou Temple" and "Mazu Temple"

The second stop is Delta Island. We have to take a yacht to get to the island. Everyone squats to the beach to pick up a wave of waves, all kinds of photographing angles!

The road to life is long, no matter how crowded and crowded, don't panic, don't be disappointed. No matter how difficult the road is in the future, I hope that you can look at the scenery along the way and look up at the blue sky that you can reach with your hand!

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