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100w 1R beam light
  • 100w 1R beam light
  • 100w 1R beam light
  • 100w 1R beam light
  • 100w 1R beam light
  • Specifications
    • Product Name:100w 1R beam light
    • Product ID:XY-100
    • Voltage:
    • Light bulb:
    • Color:
    • Life expectancy:
    • Two-dimensional code:
  • Details
  • Voltage:AC110-240V  50-60Hz

    Power Consumption:100W 220V,50Hz

    Light Source:MSD 100W 1R Bulb

    Ballast:Electronics ballast

    OPTICS:HQ glass lens

    Channels:14 channel

    Color Wheel:

    One with 14 colors+open

    With adjustable rotation speed

    With double direction stream and rainbow effect

    With color location

    Fixed Gobo Wheel:

    With 14 gobos+open

    With double direction rotation

    With sharking effect With adjustable rotating speed

    Prism:8-facet rotating prism

    Strobe:Mechanical Strobe 1-20 F.P.S

    With adjustable strobe speed

    Movement:Pan0-540º/Tilt 0-270º

    With Pan/Tilt fine function Auto correction function

    LCD display

    High temperature protection

    Body size:23×23×43cm

    Net weight:9.5KG

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