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  • Movie light
  • Movie light
  • Movie light
  • Movie light
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  • Product Name:Movie light

    • Product Number:2


    Film and television lights, can be used for photography, filming micro movies, taking Taobao products, taking pictures, and also being used as museum lights

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  • Power consumption: 50W

    Battery powered: NP-F750 for about 60 minutes (battery sold separately)

    Voltage range: 11V-17V

    Battery mode: 100% 50 watt output (battery sold separately)

    Adapter: Input: 100-240VAC; Output: 12V5A

    Lens type: double composite optical lens

    Battery interface: NP-H interface

    Light body material: aviation aluminum high-strength plastic

    Brightness adjustment: 5% to 100%

    Heat dissipation form: active fan cooling

    CRI: 95

    Lamp body weight: 0.87kg

    TLCI: 98

    Lamp body size: 580 × 100 × 124mm (does not include U-shaped bracket)

    LED life: 50,000 hours

    Zoom form: spiral / by switching the reflector

    Color temperature: adjustable range: 2500 ~ 6000K / 2500-5500K, or choose a fixed color temperature: 5600K

    Zoom range: Zoom: 17-80 degrees

    Fixed focus: 45 degrees / 75 degrees / 120 degrees