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  • XY-1803
  • XY-1803
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  • Product Name:XY-1803

    • Product Number:4


    ♦ LED lamp beads: 180 3W

    ♦Color range: red, green, blue, and three primary colors continuously change and output different brightness to produce more than 16 million colors

    ♦ Control signal: DMX512 / voice control / master / slave / self-propelled.

    ♦ Interface connection: standard signal power cable



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  • LED lamp beads: 180 3W

    Color range: red, green, blue, three primary colors continuously transform output different brightness can produce more than 16 million colors

    Beam divergence angle: 15-25°

    Power: 600W

    Control signal: DMX512 / voice / master / slave / self-propelled

    DMX512 channel number: 8CH

    DMX address: digital tube button settings

    Shell material: aluminum alloy

    Interface connection method: standard signal power cable

    Protection level: IP65