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Shenzhen Jinxiu China Project


Splendid China is a large-scale cultural theme park jointly established by Hong Kong China Travel International Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co., Ltd. It is located in the beautiful Shenzhen Bay. It is a rich and scenic miniature scenic spot, covering an area of 450 acres, divided into two parts: Splendid China and Folk Culture Village.

The 82 scenic spots are distributed according to the position of the Chinese territory, and most of them are built according to 1:15. The attractions of “Jinxiu Zhonghua” are all placed according to its position on the Chinese territory. The whole park area is like a huge map of China. These scenic spots can be divided into three categories: ancient buildings, scenic spots, and folk customs. There are more than 50,000 pottery artists placed in various scenic spots. This stage equipment makes the performance even more outstanding!

Shenzhen Jinxiu China Project: places of historical interest, such as:

-Yueyang Building-Penglai Pavilion-Shanhaiguan-Jiayuguan

- Lugou Bridge - Zhaozhou Bridge

- Mogao Grottoes - Longmen Grottoes - Yungang Grottoes - Leshan Giant Buddha - Dazu Rock Carvings -

Big Wild Goose Pagoda - King Kong Throne Tower - Miaoying Temple White Pagoda - Ying County Wooden Pagoda - Yuxing Temple Twin Towers

- Du Fu Caotang - Jingzhen Bajiao Pavilion - Tengwang Pavilion - Zhenhai Tower - Yellow Crane Tower

Natural landscapes, such as: - Yangtze River Three Gorges - Huangguoshu Waterfall - West Lake scenery - Slender West Lake

- Shilin - Qixingyan

- Lijiang River Waters - Xiqiao Mountain - Wuzhi Mountain - Tianya Haijiao - Alishan

- Huangshan-Taishan

Folk customs, such as:

- Bai people's residence - Yi village - Hakka earth building - Yi drum tower and wind and rain bridge

- Minority houses - Siheyuan - Northern Shaanxi Caves - Yurt


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