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Taiwan Chiayi Lantern Festival Project


Chiayi County is affiliated to Taiwan Province of China, with the Taiwan Strait to the west, the Alishan Mountains and the main peak of Yushan to the east, Nantou County to the north, the Tainan City to the south, the Kaohsiung City to the south, and the Gangxi to the north. Adjacent to Yunlin County, the south side is adjacent to Tainan City.

Chiayi County extends from the remote high mountains of the central part to the western coast, forming a regional feature of mountain, plain and coastal coexistence.   

The Chiayi Hills are located in the east of Chiayi County, in the northeast of Tainan County, between Bazhangxi and Zengwenxi, from the Qioshui River in the north, between Kaohsiung and Pingtung in the south, the Ali Mountain in the east, and the Jianan Plain in the west. The transition zone between the plains and the plains.

In this bustling and illuminating Chiayi, the stage equipment of this project makes the whole Chiayi more bright and yearning, what a city looks like represents the life we want to live!


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