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2018 Tencent video variety show "now confession" case


Whether it is a program or a performance, there must be an indispensable embellishment of the lights. Because of the lighting, the scene will be different, giving people a different feeling. Under the change of stage lighting, modern stage lighting equipment has achieved the effect of good stage lighting technology. Everyone said that the soul of the stage play is dancing, but the most important thing for the stage is the stage lighting equipment. Without the lighting of the stage lighting, no matter how good the dancers' skills are, everyone can't see them. In the past, stage lighting, often referred to as "stage lighting," presented a distinct singularity. The future stage lighting has a diversified development trend. It is a combination of lighting and scenery, props, clothing, makeup, and sound effects to form a diversified complex. Sometimes “light scenes” appear, sometimes “light effects” appear, lights are everywhere, everywhere, and become a positive factor in diversification. For example, the "Advertisement Now" variety show is a Tencent video hosted by Tu Lei, a talk show that helps people achieve love confession, family development, and friendship. However, although there are many emotional programs, there are only a handful of explosives. The click volume is also a broken 300 million clicks. It can be said that it is a successful show. Our mango lighting is also very lucky. In March of 2018, they also cooperated with a program on their programs. Customers also praised our products!

On the "Current Confessions" program, their requirements for lamps are extremely high. We thank Zhu for their trust and affirmation. We have also been in this industry for a few years. We are also engaged in foreign trade, and we are also a manufacturer and sales stage lighting integration company. In terms of quality, we will not worry about any problems, because our price and quality are It is directly proportional, so customers who work with us generally don't worry about this problem. Moreover, the effect of the lamp is satisfactory after the customer has used it.

Stage lighting is an important part of the performance space. It is based on the development of the plot to carry out a full-scale visual environment lighting design for the characters and the specific scenes required, and has the purpose of recreating the artistic intent to the audience in a visually visual manner. The spatial shape of characters and plots should be considered comprehensively and systematically, and the rules of styling should be strictly followed, and good means should be used. However, the lamps of our Mango Lighting Company can realize these important parts.

In the variety show of "Currently Confessions", our lights have interacted with the people on the stage, and also interacted with the audience under the stage. This is the charm of the stage lighting. What are you waiting for while reading the article? Welcome to consult, I am in the dazzling lights and "confession" with you!