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Yan'an Memory Project


     Speaking of Yan'an, what do you think of? As a revolutionary holy place, most people should think of "red spirit", "golden memory", "hard years" and so on. As the core section of the Shengdi River Valley Park in Yan'an City, Jin Yan'an consists of a core cultural area and a tourist service center, covering a total area of 1.79 square kilometers. The core cultural area has a planned land area of 893 mu and a total construction area of about 830,000 square meters. The core cultural district of Jinyan'an takes the old city of Yan'an as the capital, restores the main buildings of the old Yan'an City, and interprets the historical culture and folk customs of Yan'an. It will tour, theme hotels, museum clusters, cultural creativity, folk customs and urban business, leisure and entertainment. The ecological residence is integrated with Jinan'an, a holy land in Yan'an.

      On October 15, 2016, the premiere ceremony of the large-scale art film "Yan'an Memory" of Shaanxi Tourism Group's Yan'an Shengdi River Valley was held in the Shengdi River Valley and Jinyan'an Bell and Drum Tower Square. Jing Junhai, Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Dong Wei, Vice Minister of Culture, Jiang Feng, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, Zhou Bing, Chairman of the Shaanxi Tourism Group, and Michael, Art Director, jointly launched the ball, and witnessed more than 30 media and audiences. The successful premiere of the Grand Art Film of the Holy Land Valley and the "Yan'an Memory" art video.

   The art of "Yan'an Memory" is a clue to the experience of Beijing literary youth going to Yan'an in the 1930s. It shows the old loess culture and red culture of Yan'an. It tells Yan'an from a border town to a revolutionary center, from besieged bombing to self-reliance. In the hustle and bustle of the years, the historical events such as the Pingxingguan Campaign, Lu Xun Art Academy, Nanniwan Grand Production, and Yan'an Literature and Art Symposium were reconciled, recreating the revolutionary working life of Yan'an in the past and interpreting the historical legend of the Red Holy City. The film was designed by German team of bright GmbH. It is based on large-scale light projection, relying on mountains, waterscapes and squares. It integrates sound and light, special effects, virtual mountain cave dwellings, video digital content, time backtracking and high-tech. Fashion sense, the realization of the naked eye 3D effect of the projected content, very visual impact.

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