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"Chengdu Beach City Russian Circus" case


The most precious part of a good man's life is his small, obscure, uninformed, good deeds and love. —— William Wozaes

When I was a teenager, my father took me to queue up to buy tickets to watch the circus. After a long time, I finally had a family between us and the ticket. This family impressed me: they are excited to talk about clowns, and tonight is the happiest moment in the lives of these children.

Their parents stood at the forefront of a row of people. The mother took her father's hand and looked at her husband as if to say, "You are like a knight with a glorious medal." Bathed in pride. He also smiled and stared at his wife as if he was answering: "Yes, I am what you said."

The ticket seller asked the father, how many tickets does he want? He replied with a sigh of relief: "Please give me two adults of 8 children. I will take the whole family to see the circus."

The conductor opened the price.

The man's wife turned her head and lowered her face. The father’s lips trembled. He leaned forward and asked, “How much did you just say?”

The conductor also reported the price once again.

This person’s money is obviously not enough.

But how can he turn around and tell the 8 happy children that he doesn't have enough money to take them to the circus?

My father has witnessed everything and has a touch in his heart. He quietly put his hand into his pocket, pulled a 20-dollar bill out and let it fall to the ground (in fact, we are not rich at all!) He knelt down again, picked up the banknote and patted the man’s shoulder. And said, "Sorry, sir, this is what you fell out of your pocket!"

This person certainly knows the reason. He did not ask anyone to lend a helping hand, but was deeply grateful to someone for helping him in his desperate, heartbreaking and embarrassing moments. He looked straight into my father's eyes, holding my father's hand with both hands, pressing the 20-dollar bill in the middle, his lips shivering, tears suddenly slipped off his cheek and replied: "Thank you, Thank you, sir, this is of great significance to me and my family."

Father and I went back to our car and went home. I didn't go in the circus that night, but we didn't return in vain, because God made me understand the touch of love!

    Finally, I have loved the circus since I was a child. I have this project on our Mango Lighting Company, which gives me a simple understanding of the circus. We all know that in addition to high skill and physical coordination, circus actors often have strong muscles to support them in accomplishing actions that are difficult for ordinary people. However, the combination with lighting is more important. The lighting design is very particular: first of all, we must know that the lighting control system is the center of the scene lighting, and its performance is directly related to the effect of the whole performance. The lighting control system mainly includes lighting consoles, dimming cabinets or dimming silicon boxes, color changers, power amplifiers and other equipment. Under the command of the control system, the luminaire can perform actions such as up, down, left, right, rotation, and cross with the rhythm of the music, and present various changes such as light, darkness, strength, color, and pattern required for the performance and the plot. Modern lighting equipment with excellent performance has laid a solid hardware foundation for the success of large outdoor performances!