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Follow spot light selection skills


    The use of any stage lighting is to create a theme that suits the wedding, and the important purpose is to add icing on the cake, rather than adding to it. Therefore, the follow-up light should first be selected according to the environment of the wedding scene, not the greater the power, the better.

    If the wedding scene is well lit, there is a strong sense of space and a suitable atmosphere, there is no need for special stage effects, then you don't have to choose the chasing light to maintain a natural and transparent wedding environment.

    If the venue environment is dark and the indoor venue is not high enough or the stage effect is emphasized, it is recommended to rent a chasing light to enhance the effect. Generally, small and medium-sized weddings use the chasing light below 2000W to meet the lighting requirements of the theme.

    If the design theme is a romantic scene environment such as candlelight wedding, it is recommended that at least two more follow-up lights are needed, because the follow-up light is a cold light source and the light column is very concentrated. Candlelight wedding scene light source is very limited, the light-receiving surface of the chasing task and the backlight surface will produce a very large contrast. If only one chasing light is selected, it is easy to produce yin and yang faces, spots and other bad visual effects.

    Although the chasing light has a discolored light effect, if there is no special stage design and requirements, it is recommended to choose a light color, such as a white light source. Do not change the color frequently. The reflection effect produced by different light sources on different objects of the background color may be quite different from the imagination. If there is no professional stage lighting experience, the stage effect may be bad.

    Although the chasing light is a popular lighting effect in weddings today, it still needs to be arranged and designed according to the wedding scene environment and the wedding theme atmosphere. Do not blindly pursue the addition of stage equipment, waste money is small, destroying the wedding scene environment will cause a lifetime of regret. The follow-up light belongs to the professional stage lighting, and the structure and operation are much more complicated than the ordinary lighting. Therefore, you must choose a professional to carry out installation and commissioning and on-site operation.