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Theater stage lighting knowledge


      The requirements for the luminaire vary according to the purpose of the show. The basic lighting configuration of the theater stage mentioned here refers to the basic needs of general opera, dance, ballet, drama, local drama and other performances. The downlight, also known as the RAP lamp, is constructed by installing a mirror bulb in a cylinder or installing a bromine tungsten bulb in a reflective bowl. The main characteristic is that it can emit a relatively fixed beam, and the beam angle is wide and narrow, but the spot size cannot be adjusted; High-powered astigmatism lamps for daylighting and floorlights are used to illuminate the skylights up and down, requiring a bright and balanced, large area of illumination:

      Imaging lights, or modeling lights, ellipsoidal spotlights, have a variety of beam angles, can be selected according to needs, the main feature is to cut the spot into a square, diamond, triangle, etc., like a slide, or project the desired Various patterns and patterns are available in 1K W, 2 KW, etc. There are also fewer and fewer spotlights. Spotlights used on the stage refer to the use of flat-convex concentrators on the front of the lamp. This type of luminaire can adjust the spot size. The beams that come out are more concentrated, and the diffused light on the side is smaller. The power has 0. 5W -5 K W variety . The focal length is long, medium, and short. Guangzhou stage lighting equipment can be selected as needed according to the distance of the range. The lighting of the stage lights is mainly based on fixed-point light sources. With different colors. To achieve a variety of visual effects. Stage lighting The first thing to respect is the human eye, that is, to fully consider people's viewing habits, and to shape them on this basis.