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Moving head light common fault problem


Common faults: Moving the headlights is not energized?

1: Check if there is a problem with the power cord first;

2: Check if the fuse of the power base is burnt out;

3: Turn on the bottom of the lamp to check whether the ballast is energized; whether the internal switch cable is dropped or not;

4: Open the two outer casings of the lamp body and check if the temperature control is faulty near the position of the lamp.


Common faults: The light bulb does not light up?

1: Turn on the tail of the lamp body to check whether the bulb is white or black. If there are any of the above two appearances, replace the bulb and try again.

2: Open the two shells of the lamp body, install the trigger on the lamp post, check if the trigger wiring is black, if necessary, replace the trigger.


Common faults: When the headlight bulb is lit, it does not illuminate?

1: Check if the bulb is whitish or black or even rising. If there is any time, please replace the bulb immediately to avoid damage to the product;

2: Check if the fan near the bulb is working normally. If it is bad, please replace the fan in time;

3: Please open the two shells, there is a white temperature control in the layer of the pattern and the color film to see if it burns out (if it is broken, it will not extinguish the bubble);

4: Open the two shells of the lamp body, there is a heat dissipation window on the tail of the bulb. After a long time, the air passage can be blocked. If the heat dissipation window is full of dust, please clean it. (This cooling window is best cleaned every month. One effect is the best).


Common faults: What is the reason why the headlight bulb blows up?

1: First check whether the voltage is between 220V-230V. If it exceeds 230V, the possibility of frying is possible (so it is recommended to install a voltage regulator in each place);

2: If there is a frying bubble, please check if the bubble is caused by the long working life (the normal life of the domestic light bulb is within 300-500 hours);

3: Is there a problem with the quality of the bulb?

4: If none of the above three methods are, then there may be a problem with the ballast. Please contact the supplier to resolve.


Common faults: Moving head lights are not controlled?

1: Check if the address code is logarithmic? If the address code is correct but not controlled, check if the three lines of the signal line are reversed? And check if the connection between the card holder and the card faucet is in a condition (poor contact);

2: If the address code is correct, the DMX lamp at the address code will flash normally if there is no problem with the edge of the signal line. If there is no flash, there is a problem with the connection;

3: Use the same console to connect separately to make a light test. If there is no problem, it proves that there is a problem with the uncontrolled lamp board or display board. Please contact the supplier to solve the problem.


Common faults: moving the head light off the belt?

1: If the X/Y axis of the lamp body does not respond, but the console and other lamps are working normally, there may be a broken belt;

2: If the X axis does not move, but the Y axis moves, or the X axis moves, but the Y axis does not move, it may be a broken belt;

3: If there is any of the above images, you can use the X/Y to move around with the light turned off, and feel if there is a belt that is moving. If it is very loose, it will be easy to move, it will prove that the belt is broken. Please contact the supplier to resolve.


Common faults: moving head lights appear out of sync?

1: If the moving head light is like a lost image, please re-edit the program and try again;

2: If it still doesn't work, it proves that one of the ICs of the function or the motherboard of one of the functions has burned out. Please contact the supplier to solve the problem.