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  • XY-SC1500
  • XY-SC1500
  • XY-SC1500
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  • Product Name:XY-SC1500

    • Product Number:1


    ♦ Working environment temperature (°C): -20°-40°

    ♦Installation: It can be laid flat, side hanging, hanging, and the wind tunnel can be rotated to any angle.

    ♦ IP Protection Index: IP54

    ♦Material: The transparent cover is made of imported engineering plastics from the United States. It has high light transmission, UV resistance, no yellowing, and is not easy to break.

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  • 1200W/1500W spot light rain cover

    ■Environment Working Temperature: -20°- 40°

    ■Height: 1020mm        Diameter:940mm


    ■Protection degree: IP54

    ■Control: DMX512

    ■Installation: Can be flat, side hanging, hanging, in and out of the wind pipe can rotate to any angle.

    ■Function: Raining proof, for outdoor use

    ■Material: Transparent cover is made by the US imported engineering plastics with high lightpenetration,

    antiultraviolet radiation, not yellow, not easily broken.

    ■Signal And Power Connections: With two waterproof dmx cable and two waterproof power line.

    ■Suitable:1200W,1500W spot lights and similar sized lights.

    ■Warranty: 1 year 

    Note:At least 80mm is reserved for the total height of the luminaire and the total height of the rain cover